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Archive of: July, 2019

Search Engine Optimisation – what is it and why is it so important?

23 July 2019

When you do a Google search, what’s the first link you click? Is it the one at the very top of the first page? You’re not alone – 95% of Google’s traffic goes to the first page of search results, leaving just 5% for all the pages that follow. Consumers love the convenience that Google gives them to find what they want in one click, so it’s important to try and put yourself into that position.

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The importance of budgeting and evaluation in marketing

09 July 2019

Sometimes, a marketing budget can be left in the dust in favour of other expenditures. However, marketing is an integral part of gaining new clients and increasing brand awareness. If proper marketing isn’t already a part of your business, it can be hard to know simply how much to dedicate to it.

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