SEO and fresh content are critical to any website

Blog Detail

Our in-house team of content producers work closely with a number of different web development companies to deliver a bespoke service for our clients.

The key thing is that once their websites are up and running, we can also the maintain them on an ongoing basis but continuously ensuring they are SEO optimised and by posting fresh content on them.

SEO and link building

Every company wants its website, blog or online store to feature high-up in Google’s rankings – but achieving this can be frustratingly difficult. Google employs increasingly complex algorithms to establish which companies feature high up in its rankings based on thousands of criteria.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of ensuring your online content is more likely to appear higher up these rankings. It is about understanding the rules Google sets and making hundreds of, often small, changes to websites to make them more appealing and compliant with these rules.

This is a continuous process requiring regular checks, updates and often fresh content on a monthly basis. But the rewards can be worth it as potential customers suddenly perceive you as being the number one choice for their needs.


New and relevant content on your website is important for its search engine rankings. We can help to create regular, high quality blog content for your website to ensure its visitors are kept up-to-date with your company’s news, while assisting your brand to maintain awareness in the online world.

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