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Beyond reality: the rise of the virtual influencer

21 February 2024

In the age of social media, influencers are the big movers and shakers, shaping trends, sparking conversations, and influencing consumer behaviour with every post and endorsement.

These influencers are individuals who have established credibility, authority, and a sizable following in a particular niche or industry. They leverage their expertise, personality, or content creation skills to engage and influence their audience, shaping opinions, behaviours, and purchasing decisions.

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Reasons why internships work - from an Employers perspective!

29 January 2024

Internships offer various benefits for interns but what’s in it for employers? Internships have become great opportunities for employers to harness fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and dynamic talent. Let’s delve into the many benefits that an internship can unlock for employers, creating a robust and modern workplace in the process.

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6 Reasons why internships work – from a past intern!

11 January 2024

Internships have always been a topic of debate that divides professionals in all industries – are they valuable or a waste of time? Internships can offer a plethora of benefits and possibilities. Whether you are a student, a new graduate, or someone who is looking for a career change, internships can offer an insight into a particular industry.

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5 Communications trends to look out for in 2024

08 January 2024

As we usher in the promise of 2024, the landscape of the communications industry continues to evolve, shaping the way individuals and businesses react. The rapid pace of technological advancements, coupled with the ever-changing dynamics of human connection, sets the stage for an exciting era in communications. Here are 5 trends that we anticipate will take the communications industry by storm.

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Unwrapping iconic Christmas marketing campaigns

11 December 2023

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the festive cheer than through iconic Christmas marketing campaigns that have become synonymous with getting into the Christmas spirit? In the UK, a few brands stand out among the twinkling lights and tinsel – Coca-Cola, John Lewis, and Marks & Spencer, with Sainsbury’s becoming a dark horse in its Christmas adverts, too.

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Branding: What are the core elements?

23 November 2023

A brand is more than just a name or a product; it’s a multifaceted identity that leaves a lasting impression. The elements that make up a brand encompass both the visual and the intangible aspects. In this blog we explore the core elements of what makes up a brand, and how these aspects should be approached in the development stage.

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Branding principles: The importance of a strong brand image

15 November 2023

Branding is the process of creating and managing a distinct and memorable identity for a product, service, or company. It goes beyond just a logo or a name; it encompasses everything that communicates your business’s essence and what it stands for. In this blog, we outline the impact strong branding can have on a business.

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The ‘X’ paywall: how will it affect your business?

01 November 2023

Elon Musk’s tenure as Twitter - now called ‘X’ - CEO has been a turbulent one. From declaring to extinguish bot accounts from the platform to charging for verification (not to mention the unnecessary name change), it’s safe to say that Twitter as we know it is no longer.

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