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Digital marketing strategy: Where's the value?

02 November 2020

With a reported 87% of UK residents making an online purchase in 2020, ensuring your digital marketing is on point should be a key factor in your entire business strategy.

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10 ways business communication is vital to a company's success

19 October 2020

In simple terms, business communication covers both sharing information between employees within a company, and also from within an organisation out into the wider world. Effective business communication starts by employees and management interacting efficiently about organisational goals and methods, which should always align with core company values, ensuring that the messages the company gives out to the wider community are always engaging, positive and on-brand.

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TOP 5 TIPS to get what you want from your PR company

28 September 2020

The PR Brief can be considered the most important document for any business to have when working with a PR company. They are designed to outline the specifics of what your business wants, when you want it, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

Here at Seren Global Media, we appreciate the importance of a clear and detailed PR brief. Therefore, we have compiled 5 TOP TIPS to ensure you are able to deliver a solid PR brief, helping us to help you achieve attainable and measurable business results.

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How to prep for successful media interviews

07 September 2020

Media Interviews are the perfect opportunity for a business to get key messages across to its audience. However, no business should just rush into media interviews. Being unprepared can result in a bad interview, which could severely impact the reputation of the business. Thorough preparation is essential. Seren Global Media has compiled a list of key points any business should consider, in order to prepare for a successful media interview.

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Internal communications: important now more than ever

17 August 2020

Let’s be honest: the pandemic has revolutionised the workplace. Businesses have completely changed the way they are working and communicating. Gone are the days of pinning an internal communication on the company notice board or shouting across a crowded office to keep people updated. And the larger an organisation is the more difficult this has become.

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8 reasons social media is critical for your business to thrive

07 July 2020

Without a doubt, social media has won the battle of the communication channels during the coronavirus pandemic, and this momentum is undeniably set to continue post lockdown. So, if it’s not already one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing, now is the time to make sure it is part of your business’s digital future.

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Life after lockdown: tips for successful business communication

17 June 2020

This pandemic has drastically altered the lives and behaviours of the entire global population. The marketplace has been redefined with new distribution models and services to suit changing customer behaviours and expectations. Many of these are very probably here to stay – at least in the short term, if not indefinitely. Do not expect to pick up where you left off in February!

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Top tips for dealing with stress during the COVID-19 outbreak

16 April 2020

In case you didn’t know, April is national stress awareness month – and what a month it has turned out to be! Stress is one of the biggest issues in modern society, even under normal circumstances, and these are certainly far from normal circumstances. With all our lives changing dramatically over recent weeks, it’s more important than ever that feelings of stress and anxiety are managed and mitigated as far as possible.

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