Public and Media Relations

The media has changed beyond recognition over the past 10 years

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Digital content now outstrips print by a long way in terms of audience figures, and what editors and journalists are looking for has changed to reflect this.

But this changing landscape has also created opportunities. The barriers to entry to launching new websites or digital products are lower than they were and this means there are now more niche products around with very specialist target audiences.

At Seren agency we work closely with our clients to identify their target audiences and the publications relevant to them, and devise content to help gain coverage and traction in these spaces.

We broadly split the media landscape into three: local media, specialist media and national media. The reach and objectives of each vary but we tailor content to each to achieve our clients’ objectives.

B2B Public Relations

B2B PR is a specific category of PR which helps organisations to sell their products and services to other organisations, not to the general public. An important aspect of B2B PR is to manage reputations, increase visibility and establish businesses as leaders in their industry. 

This is done through high quality earned media coverage, ensuring that businesses are visible to its target market. 


Not every employee or business leader is familiar with having a media presence or being at the forefront of their business community. Whether you have a speech to make, radio interview to undertake or corporate day to host, we can assist you to ensure you make the right impact, and represent yourself and your business in the best way.

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