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A crucial component of your business is its reputation

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Issues in business can occur at any time and every effort should be made to guarantee an issue doesn’t spiral into a crisis.

In the unpredictable and ever-changing world of social media, the idea of an unexpected crises affecting a brand can be daunting and demoralizing. However, times of crisis can easily become moments of opportunity, so learning how to prepare and adapt for a crisis is a key mark of success for any company.

Issues in business can occur at any time and every effort should be made to guarantee an issue doesn’t spiral into a crisis. Being prepared for and identifying potential business issues is, therefore, paramount to maintaining a positive corporate reputation.

We can develop a PR strategy to assist in safeguarding your reputation both online and offline, so you can rest assured that issues that may arise will be managed promptly, professionally and with minimal detriment to your business.

It will keep you and your stakeholders on the same page as you weather the storm, make sure your employees are aware of your organisation’s position; and keep communication clear and concise to avoid added confusion.

We ensure that your crisis communication plan is optimised to prevent any further issues.

We will:

Keep the conversation human – using a friendly and sincere tone when responding to criticism, which will slightly alter each response so as not to come across as inauthentic, dismissive or detached from personal concerns.

Engage, but don’t argue – resist aggravating and amplifying the situation by upsetting consumers.

Offer more information – point people in the direct of credible sources, your email address or phone number to show you’re taking action.

    Our crisis management service ensures that you:

    1. Protect your organization’s brand, valuation and reputation
    2. Manage the crisis through active communications
    3. Ensure accurate representation of facts in the media and by other third parties
    4. Engage with stakeholders to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships
    5. Reduce legal and political consequences, working closely with legal counsel and other advisors
    6. Ensure business continuity by managing the crisis so you can focus on managing the business

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