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Archive of: July, 2021

PR vs Marketing: Everything you need to know

26 July 2021

In this busy media-consuming world we live in, millions of businesses reach out daily to their audiences in a variety of different techniques, hoping to hit just the right note that will eventually lead to a positive action (such as a sale). In marketing, it’s crucial to layer many different brand awareness practices into your business to get the best results, and your PR strategy can often be overlooked in all of this.

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5 top tips for a successful content marketing strategy

02 July 2021

Content marketing is an integral part of a business’ marketing plans, as a way to engage new and existing customers alike by providing them with valuable digital content such as blogs, videos, mailers, podcasts, e-books, social media posts and more. When customers are provided with valuable content, they engage more with a brand and business, and in turn, this can lead to increased sign-ups and ultimately sales of a product. If you’re looking to boost your content marketing strategy, here are five top tips to get you on the right track.

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