5 top tips for a successful content marketing strategy

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Content marketing is an integral part of a business’ marketing plans, as a way to engage new and existing customers alike by providing them with valuable digital content such as blogs, videos, mailers, podcasts, e-books, social media posts and more. When customers are provided with valuable content, they engage more with a brand and business, and in turn, this can lead to increased sign-ups and ultimately sales of a product. If you’re looking to boost your content marketing strategy, here are five top tips to get you on the right track.

  1. Create content your audience wants to see
    From your current customer database, social media analytics and other data you can create a general customer profile of the type of people most likely to use your products and services. You can group your audience by age, gender, interests, locations and other details to create this profile. Once you have this customer in mind, you can start to think about the particular content, messages and information they would find most engaging and useful, then focus your efforts on creating it. From previous marketing campaigns, you may be able to establish what content has worked best in the past and build on this success too.

  2. Develop a strategy
    Planning thoroughly and ahead of time is key when it comes to content marketing, so developing a robust strategy is your first step. Outlining the key aims of your marketing strategy (such as more sign-ups, improving sales etc), defining how you are going to deliver this (what channels work best, what messages), and how to track your success (Key Performance Indicators such as shares, website hits and conversions) are the key elements to a marketing strategy. By keeping these in mind at all times you will retain focus in your marketing messages.

  3. Create valuable content - and lots of it
    Although marketing should lead to more customers, the goal is often not to sell directly to the audience, but rather engage and educate them instead. Consumers want to be entertained while they browse online rather than to be bombarded with advertisements. Creating content that your customers will value means that more people similar to them will also find this content interesting, and after building on this for some time, your brand can become recognised as a go-to expert in a certain field. For example, if you sell skincare products, creating content around the best skincare routines, advice and tips that your readers will want to know, means they will keep reading to gain more knowledge and share the content with their friends. Bank up lots of content ahead of time to ensure you always have plenty to post whenever you need it.

  4. Post consistently, and on schedule
    A brand’s marketing can be negatively affected by infrequency and random timings of content posting. When companies are seen to be posting 2-3 times a day, then disappearing for a few weeks, it can create an unreliable impression of the brand, and also affects audience engagement. Consumers rely on regular and predictable content when it comes to brand marketing, just as we know what day to expect the release of our favourite weekly podcast, or what time the evening news is on TV - routines are part of everyday life, and it helps to work with them. Create a schedule of what days and times different types of content is posted and promoted to ensure regularity and consistency, and remember to keep track of what times work better than others, then build on these strengths.

  5. Track and adjust your strategy as you go
    All of these plans and strategies will lead to nowhere unless you are tracking the results and successes. Keeping an eye on what content worked, who engaged most, what times and days had better results than others, and ensuring your results line up with your Key Performance Indicators outlined in your strategy will support you to make better content marketing decisions in the future and really build a detailed and data-driven strategy to boost your brand.

With these five tips, you can begin to develop some new marketing ideas to boost your business’ visibility and engagement across all your digital marketing channels. At Seren Global Media we have digital marketing experts on hand to support you with your marketing goals and in creating valuable content your audiences want to see. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our marketing and public relations services.