Proud to be Media Partner of Child of Wales awards 2024!

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Here at Seren Global Media, we are thrilled to share that we are proudly serving as the Media Partner for this year’s Child of Wales Awards! The office is buzzing with excitement as we start this meaningful journey. However, alongside this enthusiasm, our team deeply recognises the profound responsibility and significance of our role in showcasing the inspiring stories and extraordinary achievements of children across Wales. This partnership not only fuels our passion but also highlights the impact our efforts can have in celebrating the younger generation.

We are committed to ensuring that these stories shine brightly and resonate widely, inspiring positive change within local communities, and encouraging us and others to mirror the determination and kindness of these young heroes.

Collaborating with the Child of Wales Awards is a privilege for us at Seren Global Media, allowing us to significantly expand the reach and influence of this esteemed event. Within a carefully crafted strategy, consisting of bespoke press releases, engaging blogs and creative social media, it is our goal to promote the Child of Wales Awards to ensure that the amazing stories of young people can reach across Wales. Equally, our aim is to amplify the Child of Wales awards’ mission across all its platforms, within the press and members of the public – bolstering the impact of the awards and solidifying its ethos of celebrating the remarkable achievements of young individuals.

Wyn Jenkins, our Managing Director, said:

“It is truly a privilege to be Media Partner of this year’s Child of Wales awards – an extraordinary event that holds a special place in our team’s hearts. Witnessing the incredible journeys and achievements of these young individuals is immensely humbling. As media Partner, the importance of sharing their remarkable stories and amplifying the message of the awards, is not lost on us. Here’s to celebrating the next generation!”

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, added:

"We are extremely thankful for Seren Global Media's support as our Media Partner. Their skill in PR and marketing enables us to effectively promote the Child of Wales Awards and highlight the inspiring achievements of young individuals. With Seren Global Media's collaboration, we aim to inspire communities and empower young people to fulfill their potential.
As we celebrate the partnership between Seren Global Media and the Child of Wales Awards, we signify the importance of sharing our mission and uplifting the youth of Wales. Together, we strive to amplify the voices and celebrate the accomplishments of children and young people, nurturing a brighter future for the whole of Wales.”

Know an inspiring young person in your life? Visit the Child of Wales website and nominate here: