Reasons why internships work - from an Employers perspective!

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Internships offer various benefits for interns but what’s in it for employers? Internships have become great opportunities for employers to harness fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and dynamic talent. Let's delve into the many benefits that an internship can unlock for employers, creating a robust and modern workplace in the process:

Bring a fresh (and often younger) perspective on things

A new set of eyes can give a fresh point of view that some companies can benefit from. As an outsider coming into an already established dynamic, Interns can bring a new perspective to the daily operations and procedures of a company, contributing fresh ideas to the team, enhancing strategy and plans.  


Usually arriving in a learning mindset, Interns are often more adaptable to change. Their openness to new ways of doing things can help the workplace become more flexible and responsive to evolving challenges. Interns are also typically recent graduates or current students, and their recent educational experiences often expose them to the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies. This exposure makes them more adaptable to modern work practices.

Energise a workplace

Interns are generally eager to learn and want to make a positive impact and contribution to the team. After all, they are at an internship voluntarily and unpaid. Their enthusiasm can be contagious, inspiring a more positive and proactive atmosphere within the workplace! Internships tend to cultivate a learning culture within the workplace too. While you may think that only interns learn throughout their placement, both interns and employees have opportunities to exchange knowledge, fostering a sense of growth and development.

Increased workforce capacity

Running a business can be stressful! So, embrace every available assistance. Interns can alleviate workloads during peak periods, which can positively impact the overall productivity of the team. This additional support can prevent burnout among existing staff and maintain a healthy balance.

Tech proficiency

It is no secret that technology is becoming engrained into our everyday lives and work practices. Many interns are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends, which can be useful in all industries, not just stereotypically tech driven sectors. An intern’s proficiency can introduce new tools and approaches to improve efficiency. 

Help to get the best new talent

Inviting interns into your company offers you a unique opportunity to identify the latest new talent. In an ever-changing world, education curriculums and industries are always evolving – interns reflect this and may offer an alternate skill set. Interns may possess skills and knowledge acquired through recent coursework or training that align with current industry trends. This diversity in skills can complement the existing skill set of the team – combined, innovative ideas can be created. Internships require a lot of commitment too, meaning that they mostly attract determined, enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals – giving you early access to the best future industry professionals. 

Interns bring a fresh perspective to boost your business, and we can do the same! We can help plan, create and deliver a communications strategy that will promote, protect and enhance an organisations’ brand. Contact us today for more information.