6 Reasons why internships work – from a past intern!

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Internships have always been a topic of debate that divides professionals in all industries – are they valuable or a waste of time? Internships can offer a plethora of benefits and possibilities. Whether you are a student, a new graduate, or someone who is looking for a career change, internships can offer an insight into a particular industry.

A prime example of where an internship has led to a big opportunity is our PR Account Manager, Jordan! While attending university, Jordan interned with us at Seren in early 2023, where she completed an array of tasks for us and then, post-graduation, Jordan reached out to us again. After a positive internship experience and impressed by her initiative, we invited Jordan back – which led to full time employment!

Here is Jordan’s take on why internships work!

Gain work experience

Though it may seem obvious, internships can be a great way to gain work experience in an industry or business that you’re curious about or foresee yourself working in. Many internships are unpaid, however, the industry exclusive knowledge and skills that you can acquire are invaluable, as you are learning from current experts.

Even if an internship does not entirely relate to your dream career path, any professional experience or skills you may learn are valuable for your professional growth and can make you a standout candidate for future employers.

Learn about an industry before committing to it

Committing to a specific career path for the rest of your professional life can seem scary! You may be stuck between a few career options or unsure about what you want to do at all. Don’t Panic! Internships are a great opportunity to trial jobs and workplace environments, before having to commit to one.

After your internship, you may still follow through with your initial career plan, or you may find that your desired industry doesn’t live up to your expectations. Whatever the outcome, any experience gained on an internship is a fantastic addition to a CV and gives the impression of an enthusiastic and well-rounded individual.

Develop your skills

By exposing a person to a real-life workplace environment, internships are a great tool for developing one’s soft skills. Skills like communication, problem-solving, and time-management all come to the forefront in the working world. Internships provide a chance to practice and develop these certain skills, in a low-pressure capacity, as employers know that interns are mostly inexperienced.

Receive helpful feedback

After interning for a company, the professionals there may offer feedback, this is a great chance to enhance one’s abilities and grow professionally. Though it may seem rather nerve-wracking to ask for, both positive and negative feedback can help improve how one tackles similar tasks or scenarios in their future endeavours – possibly more successfully! Asking for constructive criticism can demonstrate a great level of maturity too – it shows the employer that an individual is open–minded and willing to learn.

A seemingly small opportunity can lead to a big one!

While internships can seem like a very small rung in the career-path ladder, they can open many doors and opportunities. Depending on a company’s situation and the impression that an intern makes, some employers may offer a paid internship or a starter position within the company. Other employers may ask an intern to keep in touch, so that if a position becomes available, they can prompt the intern to apply or give them a heads up. At the very least, an internship can offer connections to a network of industry professionals, which can lead to promising employment prospects.

To interview or not to interview?

Remember when I said an internship can make you stand out? Having an internship on your CV, no matter the industry, can make the difference between an employer giving you an interview or tossing your CV in the maybe pile. It’s simple - work experience shows initiative and great work ethic, as in amongst your studies or other commitments, you have volunteered your time to a company on your own accord.

Interns bring a fresh perspective to boost your business, and we can do the same! We can help plan, create and deliver a communications strategy that will promote, protect and enhance an organisations’ brand. Contact us today for more information.