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Archive of: March, 2024

Breaking barriers: The top 5 marketing campaigns aimed exclusively at women

14 March 2024

This month is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, I want to discuss my top five marketing campaigns aimed at women. All of the campaigns chosen present women as strong and independent, breaking the stereotypical norms of how women have often historically been presented in the media and advertising.

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Misinformation on Social Media: A Result of AI Generated Content

04 March 2024

In 2024, social media is becoming more and more saturated with AI generated content, and it is becoming difficult for the average user to separate the facts from the fake. AI generation tools on social media are often used harmlessly, perhaps to imagine SpongeBob singing an Ariana Grande song, to transform users into anime characters, or to convert text to speech so that content creators don’t have to use their own voice. However, AI can also be used to mislead users.

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