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Archive of: September, 2020

TOP 5 TIPS to get what you want from your PR company

28 September 2020

The PR Brief can be considered the most important document for any business to have when working with a PR company. They are designed to outline the specifics of what your business wants, when you want it, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

Here at Seren Global Media, we appreciate the importance of a clear and detailed PR brief. Therefore, we have compiled 5 TOP TIPS to ensure you are able to deliver a solid PR brief, helping us to help you achieve attainable and measurable business results.

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How to prep for successful media interviews

07 September 2020

Media Interviews are the perfect opportunity for a business to get key messages across to its audience. However, no business should just rush into media interviews. Being unprepared can result in a bad interview, which could severely impact the reputation of the business. Thorough preparation is essential. Seren Global Media has compiled a list of key points any business should consider, in order to prepare for a successful media interview.

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