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Archive of: April, 2019

Your thoughts on PR are probably wrong – here’s the real deal

30 April 2019

As PR professionals, we are faced nearly every day with misconceptions about what PR is from those outside of the comms world. Although frustrating (and sometimes humorous too), it can make our lives that bit harder when trying to execute a successful campaign or specific tactic for a client. So, we thought it would be best to outline three of the most common mistruths about what we do and dispel the garbage about what PR involves:

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The true function of b2b PR

15 April 2019

Many business owners and managers might think they understand public relations (PR) – but there are also many misconceptions. In fact, few know its real purpose – and how it can really help their business.

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Content creation is key – how do you unlock it?

01 April 2019

Every business wants to promote its goods or services, and to do this, we must talk about them. How? Well, not to state the obvious but since the internet has already taken over, digital content is your new best friend, but we mustn’t neglect traditional mediums either. But first, we must ask ourselves a few questions.

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