Five ways PR is going to change in 2021

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Covid-19 has impacted us all in so many ways, including the way we work. With the continuation of lockdown, and no sight of physical distancing ending anytime soon, the field of Public Relations, like so many others, is having to adapt its common working practices!

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there have been many positive developments in PR!

Here are five ways the industry has adapted and is going to change even further in 2021:

1. Zoom

Prior to the pandemic, interviews, meetings – and all things in between – would largely have been conducted in person. But now, practitioners have turned to video conferencing sites such as Zoom, to contact clients. Although previously considered an overcomplicated, technological hindrance by some, 2021 may well be the year that zoom meetings stick for good.

Zoom can be used to gauge a client or job, and whether they are worth pursuing, before taking the process to the next stage. This cuts down both costs and time – from travelling to and from meetings – for both parties. Additionally, zoom allows for increased ease of file and screen sharing, allowing you to access files on your own device and show them to the other meeting attendees quickly and simply. The use of video conferencing software has now become the go to way of conducting meetings, and though 2021 may bring us back to the office, it won't bring an end to video calls!

2. Return to social interactions

Social interaction is a crucial part of public relations, its importance includes everything from creative brainstorms, to meetings, to social events with clients. Over the last year, the social side of PR has been challenging, and networking with potential clients has been almost impossible. Once it is safe and legal to do so, engaging with clients in a face-to-face environment will, of course, be a priority.

3. More opportunities for interviews

Historically, interviews were harder to obtain because people would often have to travel to studios or offices to conduct them. Now, people are more accustomed to Zoom style interviews, which means more people are willing to be interviewed as there’s no major inconvenience. It’s now a case of anytime, anyplace!

4. Juggling work and home life

Working from home is still a new concept for a lot of people. For many in the PR industry, it is something completely fresh and, in some cases, fraught with difficulties. Others have adapted well, and so the future may well see an increased degree of flexibility around the physical location in which PR professionals work. As things begin to open up again, with children returning to school and more organisations being able to resume normal business, there will undoubtedly be a move to return to centralised places of work – with the benefits of having teams in one place – but the precedent has now been set and most people have displayed how productive they can be away from the office.

As a result, we may well see a degree of home-working as an acceptable alternative to a completely office-based work culture.

5. Relatable Content

The last prediction for PR in 2021 is that it is going to centre around relatable content that mimics real life and accessible situations. The pandemic has affected the whole world. We’re all going through similar circumstances and there has already been an emergence of advertisements that appear less slick and salesy and more personable and honest. This type of content is easier for people to feel an affinity to, as a result of a feeling of commonality and empathy. This is a trend that is likely set to continue.

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