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Archive of: December, 2020

How social signals can affect SEO

21 December 2020

Social signals are the currency of social media sites, and are a key feature in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and almost all popular social sites, in one form or another. With the average person spending 2 hours a day on social media, getting attention on these platforms is integral to any marketing strategy. Social media marketers often base their content’s success on these “Social Signals” such as impressions, views, likes, shares, comments, retweets and more, which are usually the key goals in all forms of social media marketing. But how do these small bits of engagement affect a website’s SEO? It seems that, indirectly, these small pieces of engagement can build to a significant impact on your visibility online.

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5 benefits of including PR in your marketing strategy

14 December 2020

If you’ve been taking some time to assess your marketing efforts, then ensuring to include PR in your strategy is a sensible move. Including strong PR within your marketing strategy is a guaranteed way to spread your marketing reach and gain important connections along the way.

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