Life after lockdown: tips for successful business communication

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Is your business preparing for life after lockdown? Are you communicating to your consumers efficiently? Are you carrying your staff and other stakeholders with you? Does the marketplace even know you still exist?

This pandemic has drastically altered the lives and behaviours of the entire global population. The marketplace has been redefined with new distribution models and services to suit changing customer behaviours and expectations. Many of these are very probably here to stay – at least in the short term, if not indefinitely. Do not expect to pick up where you left off in February!

Organisations and individuals have adapted – in many cases – exceptionally well, and very quickly, to the immediate threat of the virus, but now is the time to really start to think about the longer-term strategies that need to be in place. Each organisation will have its own issues to consider on the practical day-to-day level of getting the machinery of their business running smoothly again, but there are several points that need to be considered by all.

Once a full diagnosis of the issues impacting your business has been achieved, you can then move to the next stage of long-range planning and business transformation. Many business leaders will already have considered this and (if not already) be on the verge of implementing new plans. Before rushing headlong into the activisation of these plans, we think it wise to consider a few things. Chief among these is the creative communication of your business changes to your clients, consumers and other stakeholders.

In order to do this successfully we advise:

Business self-appraisal – be honest

  • Critically review how your business weathered the initial phase of the crisis. Did you do well? Did you act rashly and now regret it? Do you have to re-earn trust or re-position yourself?
  • What lasting damage has your industry suffered?
  • Is your industry poised for success?
  • How have other businesses in your sector fared?
  • How is your business now positioned within your local (or global) business sector?
  • How have your stakeholders fared?
  • Have you got to build bridges and regain trust with your staff and suppliers?
  • Do you need to regain the trust of clients and consumers?
  • Do clients/consumers have new expectations or concerns in your sector?
  • What new opportunities exist? How do you fit in?

Once these questions have been answered, you will have a clearer view of the new landscape you are facing. You will be able to consider what needs to be said and how to communicate your business adaptations efficiently to the world.

Successful communication

  • Consider your corporate/brand narratives. Do they need to be adjusted to remain relevant? Do you need to completely re-boot your corporate identity?
  • Will your new brand support employees and stakeholders? Do they agree with and understand the new you? Can you explain it to them successfully and get them on board?
  • How have media consumption habits changed for your clients/customers?
  • Can you speak to them directly – where they are now?
  • What engagement channels have emerged as the most successful during this time?
  • What content are your target customers searching for and consuming?
  • Do you understand them, and are you covering these avenues of communication?
  • How do you prioritise these media channels and marketing opportunities?
  • Do you need help to do this?

It’s not rocket science, but it can be daunting, and professional, creative input will definitely help. Successful communication within your organisation of how you are adapting, as well as to the wider community, will be more vital now than ever. There has never been a better time to totally re-evaluate your brand identity, marketing strategy and communication channels. It could mean the difference between rising phoenix like from this crisis or being left behind in the ashes, but it won’t be easy.

If you need help or advice on any aspect of efficient and successful commercial communication, get in touch with Seren Global Media PR: or 01792 293 333